I am pleased to announce the GritStoker Grant. From time to time, which I expect to be monthly, I will acknowledge, honor, and support a person or team of people that have stepped out and stepped up in an entrepreneurial way. It is a smaller grant – usually around $500 and aims to provide some support at the earliest of stages, and in doing so, hopefully begin to shine a spotlight on some admirable people.

Simply upload a pdf describing your venture and yourself or your team and a one-minute video.


As you may know, I am a fan of the unlikely person, the underdog, the seemingly quiet person that flies below the radar that in the face of fear and challenge, perseveres, and works to give life to their idea, their project, their venture.  I love ideas and innovation, but it is the people that bring them to life, that take that fists (often hardest) step and all the steps that follow that I admire most.

So I want to honor these brave souls, who have not given into fear, who have already faced obstacles and persevered again and again.Who have a vision for their project and for themselves.


Upload, Support, Award (repeat)

  1. UPLOAD – Nominate yourself or someone you respect and admire. Simply upload a pdf describing your venture and yourself or your team and a one-minute video.
  2. SHARE – As people you know to like your submission. I will do my best to review every submission but it will be hard to ignore the ones receiving the most engagement online!
  3. AWARD – Usually each month, on or around the 7th of the month, we will announce the winner of the Gritstoker Grant.
  4. You can apply every month, but we encourage you to submit different ideas if your idea has been submitted within the three previous months.


In addition to the grant, winners will be featured on the Gritstoker Grant page, receive at least two mentoring sessions, and have access to other recourses and support as needed and available.  I am so excited to hear from you!

*** Legal blurb  – this is NOT a contest, lottery or anything of the sort.  This is just me looking to hear from amazing people, and to give away some money and support when and where I can.  I am not promising anything here, I make no assurances to the process, the safety of success of any venture, or the protection of your idea / venture (if you are worried about sharing your idea, DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR INFO AND / OR VIDEO).  Just trying to honor some people and have some fun along the way.

Mark B. Greenberg